Jul 13, 2010

What's After Trillion?


When asked "What's after Trillion?", a normal person would respond by saying a Quadrillion.  A Mafia Wars player would cringe and state that it's a ridiculously hard to get achievement badge earned by depositing 999 Trillion Dollars in the bank.  Is this badge even possible?  Not too long ago, a bunch of players got lucky because there was a glitch in the game.  All they had to do was rob some random guy named Phoenix Energy a few times and they received enough money to get this achievement.  Just a few clicks!  How easy is that?  I missed out so now I'm left worried and scared that I will never get "What's after a Trillion?".  I'm obsessed with achievement badges and if I ever missed one I would probably just quit the game.  I can't stand to have gray unearned achievements in my profile.   
There IS a way to legitimately get this achievement.  Tom Hughes, one of my really smart mafia members posted a note explaining how to get it.  Tom's notes are great and you can read them all by clicking HERE.
This is the one that helped me understand that it is possible to someday get the What's After a Trillion Achievement.
Obtaining the "What's After Trillion? " Achievement by Tom Hughes
In case you were wondering, there is a very simple way to achieve the "What's After a Trillion?" achievement. The "Boss Fight - Confront Agostino Cleto" job in the "Enforcer (Levels 13-17)" tier rewards you with exactly 1/555th of your cash (not stored in bank, but cash on hand) if you win.
The key to taking full advantage of this is recognizing that a 1/555th increase per time performed means that your cash will follow an exponential growth function. Boss fights in New York always consume exactly 20% of your maximum energy, regardless of how much or how little energy you currently have.
This means that you may perform 5 boss fights in 1 level, and gain a total of 5/555ths of your cash on hand (or roughly 0.90%). While this may seem insignificant, realize also that this percent increase is constant. 0.90% of $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) is $9.0 billion ($9,000,000,000). This is quite a bit of money for one level.
Once you have depleted 100% of your energy for that level, you can use your energy pack to fully replenish your energy. Energy packs replenish up to 100% of your energy + 25%, which means you get a maximum total of 125% of your total energy. This equates to a little more energy than what 6 boss fights require.
You can then perform up to 11 boss fights (depending on the XP required to level up at your level) during a single level in a single day. 11 boss fights yields at least a 1.98% increase in total cash on hand. Thus, with $1 trillion in cash on hand, you can get at least $20 billion from these 11 boss fights.
If this is done once per day, starting from $1 trillion, it will take 324 days to gain the $999 trillion achievement.
HOWEVER: This only assumes that your only source of New York income is through boss fights; it does not take into account robbing, fighting, or bonuses received from other players. With this method, it is certainly possible to get this achievement in under 324 days, with a little bit of creativity.
Below is an Excel output (in 5 day intervals) which predicts the results of this procedure, if performed perfectly and consistently for 324 days:
1  $1,019,159,303,376   $1,836,323,069
5  $1,111,140,248,839   $2,002,054,502
10  $1,237,876,695,467   $2,230,408,460
15  $1,379,068,677,228   $2,484,808,427
20  $1,536,364,989,724   $2,768,225,207
25  $1,711,602,489,873   $3,083,968,450
30  $1,906,827,546,146   $3,435,725,308
35  $2,124,319,935,414   $3,827,603,487
40  $2,366,619,465,466   $4,264,179,217
45  $2,636,555,634,090   $4,750,550,692
50  $2,937,280,671,052   $5,292,397,605
55  $3,272,306,348,853   $5,896,047,475
60  $3,645,544,992,099   $6,568,549,535
65  $4,061,355,164,402   $7,317,757,053
70  $4,524,592,566,314   $8,152,419,038
75  $5,040,666,738,674   $9,082,282,412
80  $5,615,604,233,526   $10,118,205,826
85  $6,256,118,990,301   $11,272,286,469
90  $6,969,690,739,091   $12,558,001,332
95  $7,764,652,346,588   $13,990,364,588
100  $8,650,287,124,681   $15,586,102,927
105  $9,636,937,238,060   $17,363,850,879
110  $10,736,124,476,762   $19,344,368,427
115  $11,960,684,804,016   $21,550,783,431
120  $13,324,918,250,592   $24,008,861,713
125  $14,844,755,906,061   $26,747,307,939
130  $16,537,945,957,061   $29,798,100,824
135  $18,424,260,945,038   $33,196,866,568
140  $20,525,728,663,777   $36,983,294,890
145  $22,866,889,393,057   $41,201,602,510
150  $25,475,082,472,326   $45,901,049,500
155  $28,380,765,560,919   $51,136,514,524
160  $31,617,870,313,034   $56,969,135,699
165  $35,224,198,620,929   $63,467,024,542
170  $39,241,864,053,543   $70,706,061,358
175  $43,717,783,645,525   $78,770,781,343
180  $48,704,225,779,620   $87,755,361,765
185  $54,259,420,560,426   $97,764,721,730
190  $60,448,239,807,254   $108,915,747,400
195  $67,342,954,606,861   $121,338,656,949
200  $75,024,079,272,487   $135,178,521,212
205  $83,581,311,564,713   $150,596,957,774
210  $93,114,580,153,728   $167,774,018,295
215  $103,735,211,554,942   $186,910,291,090
220  $115,567,230,165,058   $208,229,243,541
225  $128,748,806,580,008   $231,979,831,676
230  $143,433,871,107,765   $258,439,407,401
235  $159,793,911,318,116   $287,916,957,330
240  $178,019,974,620,621   $320,756,711,028
245  $198,324,899,256,244   $357,342,160,822
250  $220,945,799,755,458   $398,100,540,100
255  $246,146,835,887,234   $443,507,812,409
260  $274,222,297,433,831   $494,094,229,611
265  $305,500,040,814,412   $550,450,523,990
270  $340,345,317,689,302   $613,234,806,647
275  $379,165,040,254,121   $683,180,252,710
280  $422,412,533,032,559   $761,103,663,122
285  $470,592,826,657,740   $847,915,002,987
290  $524,268,555,461,285   $944,628,027,858
295  $584,066,527,740,265   $1,052,372,122,055
300  $650,685,045,427,563   $1,172,405,487,257
305  $724,902,058,642,457   $1,306,129,835,392
310  $807,584,250,347,693   $1,455,106,757,383
315  $899,697,157,200,825   $1,621,075,958,920
320  $1,002,316,444,787,960  $1,805,975,576,195
324  $1,092,777,292,213,140  $1,968,968,094,078
If you want to customize these numbers so they correspond to your
account's cash on hand (cash that is not banked), use the equation below provided by another one of my super smart friends.
NY Boss Fight Cash Win and Cash Loss Formula by
$OH = On Hand Cash
$WFF = Cash Won From Fight
$LIF = Cash Lost If Fight Lost
% = percent
+ = addition symbol
x = multiplication symbol
Boss Fight - Confront Agostino Cleto
Location: New York
Tier: Enforcer
Cash Won Formula:$OH + 0.18% = $WFF
Cash Loss Formula: $WFF x 3 = $LIFL
*Formula is accurate from a 99.7% to 100% accuracy depending on cash amount on hand.*
Boss Fight - Confront Agostino Cleto
Location: New York
Tier: Enforcer
Cash Won Formula:$OH + 0.18% = $WFF
Cash Loss Formula: $WFF x 3 = $LIFL

I only have 5 Trillion so I have a lot of work to do.  I still can't get past Chapter 1, Episode 7 in Bangkok (Zynga is working very hard to fix it) so this is the perfect time for me to work on it.  Not sure I'll make it in 324 days but at least I have a goal.  Below are my results from fighting Agostino Cleto today.  This guy is easy!  Maybe he should start working out.  His Hench men look scary but they are all fluff and easy to kill.  Make sure your health is regenerated because it needs to be at a minimum of 40% in order to initiate the fight.  Be very careful not to get distracted.  I wasn't paying attention and accidentally clicked the run away button and lost $27,351,017,246!  I was not happy and there was nothing I could do about it except feel stupid.  Where is the re-do button in this game?  Now I have to do four of these fights just to get back to where I was.  (click on images to enlarge)
Don't Do This
Stay Focused!
If you've been playing Mafia Wars for a while, you will find this fight is a big joke.  It's not challenging and it takes about 5 clicks to kill 3 people.  Whenever I do this boss fight, I feel like I'm stuck watching some bad 80's sitcoms.  It's like fighting Lenny and Squiggy followed by Rerun from Whats Happening.


  1. does this still work?

    1. yes just got it today(would have got it soon if not for mission hogging my energy.)

  2. I have a little over a quadrillion. ALMOST THERE!!!!!

  3. wait shouldnt you be there then?

  4. @Anonymous No, remember you have to take into account the "10% Laundering Fee". So for the 999T you really need to deposit 1,098,900,000,000,000.

  5. and if you have the drop to 7% for 1,068,930,000,000,000

  6. NO fees! watch the achievement carefully! just 999T

  7. i feel kind of dumb for asking this, but are you supposed to just keep a ridiculous amount like that on hand all the time?

  8. Jup, you do, but they can only steel 100.000 at once, so this is peanuts.

  9. I just tried at alittle over 1,000,000,000,000,000 didnt get it It should take me a few more days to try again didnt think the fees counted

  10. you do have to have ALL the cash you wish to grow on hand for the entire year this allegedly takes to happen. it scrap, i just fought 6 fights, won them all. started with pulling over a trillion out before fighting, and after the 6 fights i had 1.4 trillion and after i put that back in the bank @ 7% fees i had less than a trillion! this is only gonna work for those who believe the comment above in that u can only lose 100k at a time from thieves. i have at least a handful of thieves every night and its much more than that if its not banked! im building my props...they r all at about level 520 and the income is slow but no chance of thieves taking from the bank!

  11. Well since you got your propertis constantly giving you money it should take less than 324.

  12. i got 10,000 of each property, so wont take long at all

  13. what bullshit - 10k of each property. give your head a shake, dimwit.

  14. LEVEL 10k, you moron. My properties are level 50k or so. I earned this achievement twice over without the glitch.

  15. having to withdraw one billion already won to earn 0.90% just is not very artayante for me, first because it is putting at risk the same if I attack, second, because if I deposit the withdrawn won but what rate would wash 7%, which would require spending a total of 8 or 9 times my total energy for a 1.1% gain ....

  16. Question: what if my health is quite high -3k - and I fight a lot.. can I keep the money on hand? When someone attacks me it takes like 30 hits or more to ice me and 30x100.000 = 3000000. Dozens times per day when u fight a lot. Is it still possible to collect more than lose during day and get it faster than a year?

  17. ah i forgot that these are power attacks so 30x5 stamina - like 150 maybe less hits per one serious attack.. I can lose a lot of money per day - question is - can I earn more? What ammount of money in bank I need to let me withdraw it all and earn a lot daily to not to be worried of losing a lot too?

  18. not too long ago i was on 800 trillion and someone messaged me saying "ha ha, i just attacked you 200 times and took (200 x 100k) 20 million, you should bank your money", funny i thought considering i can get 57.5 million from 1 basic ny job, a few sums later i worked out that if i banked my money it would cost (7% of 800 trillion) 56 trillion which equates to him hitting me 200 times a day for over 7600 years, he didn`t reply again.

  19. I see that explains it all. Even if I would be attacked 200 times by 100 fighters per day(thats really a lot) that gives 2 billion dollars lost per day. One energy pack and one fighters energy refill let me fight NY boss like 11 times (1,98% total cash)so I need only 100 billion to earn that 2 billion per day. With more than 100 billion on hand I get more money daily than I lose.. bingo! ;)

  20. You can also purchase a fighter's refill in the fight club for 400 points, which is a full energy refill granting an additional 5. Also, if you have a fully upgraded refinery in Brazil, and use a Brazil crew member to double each property collect, that gets you an additional 40% energy every 8 hours. The fighter's refill is once every 18 hours. Assuming you were to log in twice a day, 8 hours apart, you would have:

    5 fights from initial level +
    6 fights from energy pack +
    5 fights from fighter's refill +
    4 fights from refinery collecting

    For a total of 20 fights per day. Additionally, for an energy player who is level 1000 and has, say, 6000 energy, to level up once requires 12507 experience points. As Agostino Cleto gives 1.4 exp per energy point, after 5 fights they will require 4107 exp to level up. They are gaining 1680 exp per fight, so another 3 fights would easily suffice. Therefore, going to get a fighter's refill (100% energy) would result in a level up after 3 fights. This means they would have:

    5 + 3 fights and have full energy. This would allow for another 5 fights. The player could then use their energy pack (as the refinery 40% boost only provides 2 fights) and have another 3 fights to level up, meaning they have:

    5 + 3 + 5 + 3 fights and still full energy. They could then use the full energy for a further 5 fights, and then use their refinery collection (with the double property collect) to get another 2 fights (leaving them with 1 fight required to level up).

    So far then they have had 5 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 2 fights in a day. 8 hours later, they can recollect from their refinery (no need to use a crew member for double take as only one fight is needed to level up) and fight once more to level up, granting full energy again. These 5 fights can then be used, meaning that the player has a decently filled level for the next day, whereupon if they do not have enough energy to level up, they can use their fighter's boost (which will be available once more).

    This means the player will have had:

    5 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 5 fights against Agostino Cleto in a day, for a total of 29 fights in a single day. This article states 11 fights a day takes 324 days. Therefore, if you can maintain 29 fights a day using this method, it is possible to get the achievement in just 123 days. This does not include money made from fighting, robbing or properties. Best of luck to you all.

  21. Additionally, I forgot to mention that energy packs are once every 8 hours now so you can use 2 of them as well... granting an additional 11 potential fights (I think) for 40 per day. If you can manage the 40 fights per day, getting the achievement will take just 90 days.

    Furthermore, if you really want to go for it, there is another fighter's refill available for 100 victory coins and 5 reward points, again once every 18 hours. If you can afford it (reward points are not an issue), you're at 45 fights per day. That's 80 days for the achievement, but works out to 400 reward points worth. I would advise using the 90 day method.

  22. I still in italy and braizl is it better for me to bank or leave it out i am not be going to do this till i get more cahgt up with the cites

  23. Something else to consider: if you have a lot of energy, but not a lot of base cash available, consider Boss level job "Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don". For me, the cost is 36energy, payout is $57,500,000. My energy is >6700, So I can do 186 jobs per level, that's ~$10.7B! At some point the the balance with tilt in favor of the Boss Job for $$/level, but this is an alternative to get cash quick!

  24. I've tried this a couple times. The first attack, no problem. Beat the Boss. Every time after that (7 so far), I've always hit the Attack/Fight button, but the fight ends with "You ran away....". Look to see if the button was moving/switching, but that wasn't the case. Any ideas?

  25. I got my money reduced,than it was,after I withdrew it,and,even after winning from the boss,4 to 5 times.

    what to do,??plz help,ty.

  26. ^^ what do you mean you got your money reduced after withdrawing? After withdrawing from the bank you will get exactly that amount that you have mentioned in the withdrawal text box.

  27. There seems to be a loading problem that will cost you a fight or two every 10 or so fights. Whatever you do, don't refresh as it will count as a run away. Sent a complaint to Zynga, but they don't believe me and want a video.

  28. Is this a one deposit achievement. I had over 999 trillion in the bank and did not get the achievement

    1. No, if you did have more in the bank and didn't get the achievement then you will need to contact CS. More info can be found in this updated post.

    2. A suggestion to those attempting this, DO NOT have a second browser open doing jobs, fights etc as this will cause a run away, In 44 days i have gone from 20 trillion to 413 trillion. just leave money without banking, I get 1.3 trillion each fight with Agostino and increasing so losing a few million is pittance. For those who think they will get this with properties, good luck. Every time you upgrade your Mega Casino it will take 266 collects to redeem what it cost you to upgrade it each time ( or 532 days before you make a profit ) So if you think upgrading your Mega Casino is quicker or easier, do the maths. I will reach the target in about 15 days, good luck to all and Jen, LOVE your work, xxx

      ☢ŠƇҚŹ☢ Shadow Killa

  29. Hi ShAdow Killa, I realized I could not get 5 boss fights for each full energy refill. I have just tried this a few times. aside from the energy requirement in fighting the boss, do i also spend energy in killing the boss and his capos?



  30. I do get this now. THis is really true. I have 22 Trillion on hand and earning 22 billion for every boss fights. this is growing. Base on the table above, I am between day 115 and day 120. If things go smoothly, I'd be finish in 2 months. I want to end my mafia wars addiction. Winning all of New York is sentimental Bullshit to me. hehehe. From One down to What's after 999 trillion. Love it. Good luck Guys!

    All Rock Attack

  31. just some tip guys, do not click as many times as you like the fight button or you will lose energy equivalent to the requirement as many times as the number of times you've clicked button and get only 1 boss fight. So avoid the redundancy. Also if you are serious in doing this award, don't increase your energy skill anymore. Instead increase your stamina. This is to keep your energy requirement low. In my case, I have like 1250 energy required per boss fight, so I can have more extra chances of boss fights every day particularly when I can collect energy from my Brazil and London Properties.

  32. Does this still work?

  33. Hey Al Vega... It does work... I'm like 16 days to doing it. I started last September 2013. So it's like 7 months ago. Take note that I have missed like an aggregate of 3 months. So I am not really doing like consecutive days. It's a nice feeling believe me.

    This is kinda exclusive however because If you'll chase it you need to forget the other cities. For me? I want to end my addiction and the best way to doing it is completing New York.


    All Rock Attack

  34. I'm between day 290 and 295 based on the chart above. Excited to end this addiction.

  35. Hi MafiaWars LootLady,

    Where shall I complain about my money in New York got deposited without me doing about it? I mean I just lost 7% of my money on hand. It's unfair. :(.
    I'm chasing this award by the way.

    All Rock Attack

  36. It seems Mafia Wars is stealing like 66 Trillion already.... unbelievable. Anyways, by hook or by crook, I'll get this in a couple of days.


  37. it is finished! Goodbye Mafia Wars! It's bittersweet because it hang while i was about to post it on my timeline. tsk.


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