Jun 28, 2010

Zynga Live Chat


UPDATE:  The Live Chat feature is no longer present 24/7.  When it's available, the steps below will apply.  When it's not, there will be no option for it on The Customer Support page.  There are no set times so you need to keep checking until it's there.  It's not always on the same page so you need to navigate around Customer Support and look for the first image shown below.

I didn't put much thought into trying out the new Live Chat feature and had to come up with a random problem pretty fast.  I was surprised by how quickly I was connected with a Customer Service Representative.  Since Zynga has turned into Skill Point Fascists, I wanted to find out if the number of skill points we can receive from mystery bags has changed.  I heard a rumor that you now get 1 to 5 instead of 5 every time skill points are rewarded from mystery bags. I also asked him why Zynga doesn't want us to have so many skill points.  I already knew the answer to this question but wanted to add some substance to my chat session.  Here is a walk through of my experience and how you can use this feature too.

1.  Go to the Zynga Customer Support Page and click on "Chat Now".
 2.  Fill out the chat request form and click "Submit Request"
3.  Type in your problem or question.  Within seconds, I was connected with a Zynga Customer Support Representative named Brett S.
4.  Disconnect.  When the chat session was over, Brett asked me to click on the "Disconnect" button to end it.  Didn't he know I needed to take some screen shots first?
5.  Wait for your confirmation e-mail.  Within minutes of disconnecting, I received an e-mail containing a complete transcript of the conversation.  It's also set up so the e-mail is now a support ticket.  If I want to keep bugging Zynga, I can respond to this e-mail.
I'm not satisfied with the answer Brett gave me but it was obvious he didn't know or was confused as to what I was asking him.  I'm trying to find out if the +5 skill point reward is available from the mystery bags or has it been changed to either +1, +2, +3, +4, OR +5.  I can't find a definitive answer.  Did Zynga hire this guy to be in charge of their Skill Point Allocation Department?
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  1. Nita Dawson we have come to the conclusion that the live chat is offered at random. gotta laugh, its so typically zynga. best I can suggest is that you check the support page frequently. kind of like the last loot item in vegas, or a lotto piece

  2. You make it sound like all i do is complain about Zynga, and its just Not true!!!
    I Do some times complement them on their hard work, its just they mess up SOOOOO MUCH!

    I even mentioned in that post that i DO say nice things about them from time to time :P

  3. Sorry Bossy, I was trying to say if you think it's a good thing, it must be true. You don't let them get away with all their mess ups!

  4. ZYnga support stole over 220,000 million chips and still say i did somthing against terms and services they r F up

  5. I am not exactly sure why the Skill Point nurf happened, but when you could receive 7 Skill Points a day, plus leveling, mastering Jobs, and buy Skill points, you could easy receive 20+ Skill Points a day. That's not even adding in the Hunters/Spys/Railguns/Plasma Rifles as well. I know on my energy account, I was getting about 30 a day (before the exp nurf).

  6. According to Zynga the chat is 24/7. I had emailed Zynga again for like the 5th time because the boss in Italy gets resuming all his strength each time I hit him here's the response I got.

    Hello Nicole,

    Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support.

    My name is Denae, and I'm happy to be assisting you today! I'm sorry to hear that you are still experiencing issues with The Boss fights in Italy. If you would like me to, Nicole, I can go ahead and defeat the boss for you.

    Our Live Chat feature is available to our players 24 hrs. a day. If you continue to be unable to access our Live Chats please inform us of this issue.

    If you have any other questions, Nicole, please feel free to contact me again!

    Kind regards,
    Denae R.
    Zynga Customer Support

  7. i got someone at 11 pm est and alst at 5 am now est

  8. if you don't see the image for live chat,just write in search live chat,you may try this till you get it,it will appear in the box,with the 3 option,e-mail,live chat and search for answear
    i had fund this,the best way to get your problem fix,have a wonderful day

  9. i,m having trouble with mw u do not get much wp for the weapon depot only 45 compare to 105cp is that joke wp are worth more and i lose some loot and gsin it back by myself with no help from u

  10. jennifer we would love you to speak to zynga... i have been with mafia wars around 2 years now .. my total spend is around 14000 dollars and i am considering leaving... my ocd is stopping me from leaving until i get my platinum "little dog".. but i really am fed up with them.. they have changed the service dramatically, removed ALOT of the customer service opporators powers and EVEN removed the ability to send them screen shots... I understand alot were abusing the chat system (lots of blogs on how to get your daily 30 reward points from zynga) but i am astonished in the change. As a true power in mafia wars can you speak to them and ask them to reintroduce the old system or at least give a emerald, gold, platinum and diamond service... i feel its unfair all of us now sit in the same que and personally i have been waiting for ...wait for it 12 hours with that message your in a que you currently have 300 + minutes to wait... etc... it goes down and jumps back up... im really annoyed and know that you can more elequently discuss this concern with the powers that be. I dont want to start a "walk out day" or threaten reprocussions but if matters continue i will either leave or try and do something to get there attention.. regards (dark knight dedicated mafia)

  11. hi i can not see no one chat there when i go from support in zinga page please i have a lot of problems i need talk with somebody from zinga i sent also e-mail last week and still no answer why they say ''we will answer 24-48 hours'' this is a lieeeeeeee i feel to block this app nothing is working good

  12. guys this is imposiblle,,i had 3m,,and i lost my chips,,why,,i uderstand if i send chips but i am not,,this is bullsheat,,,you better block this aplication,,you are not serious,,

  13. Support page link:
    Oops, you've reached a page that no longer exists.

  14. Dear Zinga, As you well no, we have to send and receive friend request in order to play Mafia Wars here on Facebook. But face book has been banning people for sending friend request to people they don't know. I have a VIP membership, and I buy RP's every month, but do to Facebook policy on sending friend request, I am afraid to invest any more money in the game. 1000 RP's cost over $100.00 dollors. If I spend that each month and all of a sudden get band by facebook, I will be out lots of cash. What can you do about this issue? Until something is done about this me and many others will stop spending our money. I'm sure Facebook can make exceptions for the people that play Mafia wars. Please do something soon are a lot of players will stop. Thank you.


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