Jun 21, 2010

Quick Healer: Team Spockholm


 If you don't like stopping to heal yourself when you are in the middle of fighting than this is the bookmarklet for you.  Pete of Team Spockholm announced on the Spockholm Mafia Tools Fan Page that his bookmarklet program called Quick Healer has been updated to automatically heal for you.  This one is good to use if you like knocking people off the hitlist.  Now that we get loot for hitlist fighting, I've been utilizing this program a lot.  I really get mad when I've invested 10 or so stamina into fighting a player on the hitlist and I run out of health right before I would have received the bounty.  Even though Zynga improved the healing process so we don't have to jump in and out of multiple windows, this program makes it even better.  Not only will you heal with zero clicks instead of two, you won't accidentally ice yourself.  You will automatically heal when you drop to 25% of your health.  It's not a good idea to use this when fighting off the fightlist in Bangkok because it will use money from your active city to pay for the healing.  If you don't like to manually fight of, it's best to use AttackX Beta by Spockholm Mafia Tools or Brawler Beta by Arun's Mafia Wars Helpers which both heal you automatically and use the money in what ever city you chose while the programs are running.
To learn how to use Quick Heal and increase your number of hitlist bounties, follow the instructions below:
"Heal seamlessly, Very handy when hitlist hunting. Enjoy"./Pete, Spockholm Mafia Tools

1.  Go to the External Page on Spockholm Mafia Tools Website and locate the Quick Healer Bookmarklet.

2.  Click, drag, and drop Quick Healer into your bookmark toolbar.  Refer to my articles on bookmarklet installation and screen shrinkage if you aren't familiar with installing and using bookmarklet programs (1), (2).
3.  Go to your Mafia Wars fight page and click once on Quick Healer to unframe the page and second time to activate the program.  Look for Auto-Heal to replace Health next to the red cross by your health.  Now start fighting people on the hitlist and you will you don't need to worry about stopping to go to the hospital.


  1. Has there been an update for this auto-heal? I have since been requested to input my heal amount. I have not had any success in having this script work since the new requirement.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one somebody told me about this so I tired it and it never healed me no matter what health threshold I set it at

  3. Was working perfect till few days ago I like to use it when we are at war so I am never the one hiding under 20 LOL but the last 3 days I get Zynga our systems have detected irregular behaver I am then prevented from healing for 15 min or so everytime I click hospital it pops up the message I have to close quick heal and wait 10 to 15 min to heal myself. This is the only bookmarklet I use It is something to do with it

  4. I can't get this to install Is it a chrome issue or Zynga


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