Jun 2, 2010

Aarons Auto-Clicker


I don't enjoy sitting in front of my computer repetitively clicking my mouse because it's boring and it makes me feel like a monkey.  Here is a tool I discovered a while ago and it has saved me a lot of time.  It's called Aarons Auto-Clicker.  This is not a script and runs externally from the game.  If you have a large energy account, it's great for performing jobs and sending loot to your main account.  The clicker is easy to use and produces mouse clicks at any location of various time intervals. There is a free 30 day trial so you can try it to see if you like and will use it at no risk.  I was hooked after one day so I bought one for every computer I use. 

To try this out today, follow the steps below.  I use FireFox as my browser.  Other browsers may require different pathways for downloading.
1.  Go to A. Powell Software Website and click on the Auto-Clicker page.
2.  Click on the Download Now button.

3.  From you tool bar, follow this path to install:
 Tools-->Downloads-->Double-click on the auto-clicker file-->Allow if your settings screen what you are downloading-->Set-up-->Next-->Accept the Terms-->Complete the Installation.  The Auto-Clicker Icon should now appear on your desk top.  Double click on the icon and you can now use it free for 30 days.
The following directions were written by the software writer.  Basically, all you need to do is set the time interval, press start, move your mouse to where you want it to click, and walk away.  The pop-ups in the game can throw the mouse off target.  I find taking the game out of frame helps with this.  I usually run it while I'm watching TV or talking on the phone so I can keep an eye on it.  I set it for 1 second to send gifts from a persons wishlist and 0.4 seconds to do jobs.  When your 30 day trial is over, you can purchase the software by going back to the site and order it or follow the instructions on the program.  The customer service was great and all my questions were answered in a timely fashion.

1. Adjust the slider bars or directly enter values in the text boxes to create a time interval Depending on what you are going to do with it, this setting will vary.  I set it at 1 second to send gifts and 0.4 seconds to do jobs. 2. Select which mouse button left or right to operate.
3. Enter a value in the mouse downtime field or leave it at the default value of 0.
4. The total time between mouse clicks will be the addition of the previous two settings.
5. Position the clicker window to a part of the screen that is not being used. This is done by clicking the window title bar and dragging it with the mouse.
6. Once you have decided on the position of the mouse, select the "Go" button or press the hotkey combination ctrl-F9, you now have three seconds to move the mouse cursor to the correct location. Once the 3 seconds have expired the mouse cliker begins.
7. To stop the mouse clicker move the mouse back to the cliker window and press stop or press the hotkey combination ctrl-F8
8. In the advanced mode the user can create a set of co-ordinates around the screen and the mouse will follow these and click at that spot, see the 'Clickpoints Tab' below.
9. Note the click count is displayed in the screen titlebar for reference.
10. If you need the clicker to stop after a certain number of clicks enter a value in the 'Stop After No Clicks' textbox or leave at zero for unlimited clicks.
11. Now you can have the clicker actually type text as well as click, see 'Typing Text' below for more details.
12. To lock the mouse in one position, click the lock icon, when red the mouse will return to its original location before each click, this is a new safety feature as requested.
File Menu
The key combination of the Ctrl key and the F9 key starts the clicker after a 3 second delay.
The key combination of the Ctrl key and the F8 key stops the clicker.
When ticked Aarons cliker screen is forced on top of all others.
Open a file list of clickpoints saved earlier.
Save the list of clickpoints to a file for future use.
Exits the application.
Clickpoints Tab
Press the start button to start recording a list of click points. Move the mouse around the screen and then press the hotkey combination ctrl-F7 to store the location. Move to the next location and again operate the hotkey combination ctrl-F7
Press the stop button to stop recording a list of click points.
Open a file list of clickpoints saved earlier.
Save the list of clickpoints to a file for future use.
Clear the list of click points to start again.
Typing Text
You can always email us with comments about the product and any features you would like adding to the product.
Title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the Software shall remain with CJPOWELL. The Software is protected by international copyright treaties.

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  1. I was dumb, I bought the Aron's auto clicker and it didn't work. It did look like it's working i.e. you can see the click count rising however, it didn't actually click anything on the Mafia Wars page. None of the support links work anymore, and all sales are "as is" and final. I just donated $10. Try the free version if you will, but I recommend that you do not buy. I'm sorry that I did.


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