May 24, 2010

Wishlist Adders


The Mafia Wars Wishlist Adder is a great tool which allows you to add items to your wishlist without having to scroll through your inventory to find it.  The best thing about this tool is the item doesn't even need to be in your inventory.  Before you get started, make sure you have at least on vacant spot on your wishlist.  It will not work if all three spots are already filled.  To use this tool go to Wishlister website and click on the full or the lite version.  The lite version is recommended for slower internet connections.  Now simply find the item you want to add and click on it.  You will then be directed to your Mafia Wars page and will see the message "You requested for your Mafia to gift you items on your wishlist".  Now check your wishlist and the item will be there.  It's like magic!!!  To learn more about this wishlist adder or to keep up with updates, visit The Wishlister Fan Page and become a fan.

Mafia Wars Wiki has a similar tool called the Wiki Wishlist Adder.  To use it go to the Mafia Wars Wiki  Page and scroll down the page until you find your item.  There is nothing different you need to do when using this tool instead of The Mafia Wars Wishlist Adder.  Use either one of these wishlist adders right before you open up your Mystery Bags.  Add any item you want but remember that the Lotto, Diamond, Tools of the Trade, Dirty Laundry, Valentine's Day, Easter, and St. Patrick's Day Collection items will not work with the Mystery Bags.


  1. There really should be a current wishlist adding page.
    Whenever loot becomes giftable, or there are new loot items or new collections, there is a lag where some people can't add them.
    I am trying to get the Newest Brazil (Trap) Collection on my WL, with no luck.
    I see many players with the items on their list, but none of the players do I know very well.
    I guess I will post to my wall to see who can give me a hand.
    Kind of surprised I got no help at MWA today, but they may all be busy...

  2. I agree keep a page with the best giftable items on here all the sites are never right. Just was trying to find the best giftable items again and no luck....

  3. is there a mexico wishlist adder for mexico loot items .......


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