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Oct 22, 2014

Challenge Mission 18 Coming Soon

Oh Joy! The 19th Challenge Mission is coming soon. I’m getting a little tired of this event. It requires a daily consumable safari and it’s rather boring. The consumable and rewards are shown below.


Ice Board 19 Coming Soon

Items for the 19th Ice Board have been added to the inventory.  I like the Ice Boards because I can easily ignore them. I don’t have a chance to be in the Top 3 of anything so it’s nice to not care. It’s only a loot item or 2 that you miss out on and only 3 players per mafia/family/league leaderboard get the 1st item and the 3 top global players get the 2nd item and most likely the 1st.  A closer look at all 6 rewards is shown below.


VIP & Marketplace Loot Update

The next batches of VIP weekly loot items, Limited and Collector’s Edition items have been added to the inventory. Look for them in your game soon.


Fight Loot Generation 40

The 40th generation of fight loot is now dropping in fights, robs and Arenas. The Vampiric Bite is kind of Halloweenish and that’s about the most exciting thing to say about this update as once again it’s useless. Zynga must not be too excited either because they haven't added a banner or updated the Fight page rewards window at the time of this post.  The 4 items are shown below.


Oct 21, 2014

Crate Carnival 18: Moon Lit

The 18th Crate Carnival is now available. The ‘Grand Prize’, is a Moon Lit and +30 skill points. You will need to spend around 300-400 reward points to get one. The crate items you must purchase are a mix from Trick Or Treat and Desert Voyage Crates. If you are interested in how this event works, go here for detailed information.


Trick Or Treat Crates

Halloween is 10 days away and to get you in the mood Trick Or Treat Crates are now available in the Marketplace.


Oct 19, 2014

Missing 2X Property Builds

We haven’t had a 2X Property Build since October 4th and the mafiosos are getting restless [1]. I can’t help but wonder if the Bonus Level of the Laundromat has something to do with it. On October 4th the masses were no where near upgrading to Level 16 and not they have it seems the 2X Property Builds have went dry. The Bonus Level will be around for 20 or 25 more days (depending on your VIP status). Either Zynga forgot about 2X Property Builds or they are going to make us wait until the Bonus Level expires. It shouldn’t matter as speeding up the timer for this level costs 14 reward points. If this is intended than Zynga is missing out. I normally purchase reward points when they are 50% off but since I’m sitting on 1,200 of them just waiting for a 2X Property Build why would I need to buy more? If Zynga was smart they would have had one before reward points went on sale.


Daily Fix Loot Update Needed

Ten days ago we pointed out on our fan page that the Daily Fix loot was in serious need of an update [1]. Normally this loot is updated once a month and we have been stuck with the Fox Squirrel since September 2nd [1]. Maybe Zynga didn't read our post so just in case I'm redoing it on the blog. If they are going to release a new item next week it would be great if it was something useful. If Zynga isn’t going to make new loot for this feature anymore I’d rather they replace this guy with the Laser Squirrel since he has a little bit more character!


The Jellyfish Equation

Apparently, in order to be a bad ass Mafioso you must have Jellyfish and you need a lot of them! The Urban Assault Missions bring us Rainbow Jellyfish and they are causing issues. As with any Mission requiring a loot drop in the Arena the Jellyfish don’t appear to be dropping for all players and there are reports about it from all over the globe. The #1 reason these don’t drop is that players enter the wrong type of Arena. If you are in a Mob Fury Arena no matter how well you do there will be no Jellyfish for you. You have to enter Shootout Arenas. The next reason players may not see any Jellyfish drop is because they haven’t refreshed the game. Zynga makes tracking things difficult with these Missions because a refresh is needed in order to see any progress. Before freaking out about the lack of Jellyfish, refresh the game and check again. The last reason (excluding bugs) you may not see any Jellyfish is their drop rate is dependent on the amount of stamina used. If you use 100% of your stamina in a Shootout Arena than you should get about 7 of them. Testing shows that 1 Jellyfish will drop per about 15% of your stamina pool used. If you have issues using your stamina than a moving to a 500 Arena or using Kamikaze Power Up can help. Of course there could be bugs on certain accounts that prevent Jellyfish from dropping at all and we have seen many reports of this. The numbers used here were based on testing with accounts that have no problems with the Jellyfish and are shown for those who do in case they aren’t meeting the minimum stamina per Jellyfish threshold.


Collectable Stat Cards Set 37: Freaky & Fangtastic

The 37th set of Collectable Stat Cards is now available. Freaky & Fangtastic is the theme and based on the color of the banner this could be for Halloween. The cards themselves aren’t really Halloweenish like the Spooktastic Stat Cards of last year were.  Once again these are coming on 3 week intervals instead of 4 weeks and it makes me wonder why. The best part about Collectable Stat Cards is the Stat Card Stakes component because you can end up with over +60 free skill points for very minimal effort. If you do purchase the entire set it will cost around 1,800 reward points and this is not the best deal for skill points. As always, it’s best to wait for 2X Property Builds.


Oct 18, 2014

Arena Kills: Defined

Yesterday we asked what Arena Kills were and today we have the official answer [1]. Zynga has updated the Urban Assault FAQ to include a description of this task. Our guess was correct but players shouldn’t need to guess in order to play the game. Now that the Arena Smashup Event has ended health scores are no longer doubled and this task should be easier than it was yesterday.


Urban Assault 2: All Rewards

While the urban Assault Missions require a lot of work and are a pain in the ass, they do offer great rewards. If you complete all 50 Missions you will end up with 33 loot items, 1 with a special ability, +23 reward points, +61 skill points and 15 Arena Power Ups. A review of these rewards and how to get them is shown below. For a list of all the Mission tasks, the current Urban Assault Mission walkthrough can be found here.


Arena Smashup Token Redemption

The 2nd Arena Smashup event has expired and 3 days were added to the timer for Arean Token redemption. I had such a horrible leaderboard that 35 tokens was all I got. I never came in higher than 5th place. Zynga claims that we are grouped with players of similar strength but that isn’t true. I spoke with a few players on my leaderboard and their stats were more than twice that of mine. As stated in the walkthrough this event is based on luck as who you are against is determined by Zynga [1]. It’s not surprising that Zynga would do this but the joke is on them. After the first day I realized it was impossible so I didn’t spend any reward points [1]. If I thought there was a chance to place 3rd or higher I would have. It was humbling to do so bad in an event and now that it’s over I realized that it’s ok. Nothing bad happened to me, my stats haven’t suffered and nothing in the game has really changed. From now on if something is too difficult I'm just going to skip it (unless it's for a blog post). Thanks to Zynga for showing me the way!


1 Free Tooth And Nail

The Mafia Wars Application has sent out a request for 1 free Tooth And Nail with stats of 228/273. To get yours, go to the App Center and search your requests or use the Request-a-Nator by Team Spockholm. Like the gift from yesterday, the Tooth And Nail was a common item found in Invincible Crates. Thanks to Kim Dawson for posting on our fan page.


Oct 17, 2014

What Is A Arena Kill?

With the Urban Assault Missions comes a brand new type of task for the Arena. In the past all Arena Mission tasks have involved participation, ices, damage and loot drops. Now we have Kills to contend with. Not only are these things excessive they are undefined. Common questions are “What are they?” and “How do you get them?”.  As shown below, searching the in-game instructions, the Arena FAQ and the Mob Fury FAQ, there is nothing even called a kill. From guessing and testing we can assume that it means to knock an opponents health down to 0 in any Arena but it would be better if Zynga told us exactly what they were. There are 4 Missions requiring kills in the Arena. To buy them off one would need to spend 16,000 reward points so the least Zynga could do is describe them. Thanks to Rick Bratt, the official answer is most likely contained in the Arena Killer Instinct FAQ. Zynga should figure out how to link this so players who ask this question will know for sure. Our own attempt at describing Arena Kills is shown below.

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