Apr 16, 2014

Unlabeled Loot Item: Shoulder Boulder

The Shoulder Boulder is an item recently added to the inventory. It doesn’t have a location label so it’s hard to say what it will be for. The last 6 items missing a location were gifts from the Mafia Wars Team found in the App Center [1],[2]. The stats of this items are significantly higher and the quality is ‘Ultimate’. This could be a mistake as something with a high stat of 270 doesn’t fit the bill.


Unknown Special Event Item: White Serval

A Special Event item with 4 tiers of mastery has been added to the inventory. The Ruby White Serval has impressive stats of 254/344. I’m not sure what type of event this is for. It’s possible it could be tied to the upcoming Easter Event but cats don’t really hold to the theme. The items aren’t labeled for the Arena or fighting. Knowing Zynga it will be something you need to use a lot of reward points to acquire. Please share your guesses.


Easter Themed Special Event Items

There were 7 Easter themed ‘Special Event’ items added to the inventory. I don’t know what Zynga has in store but last year it was all about Easter Eggselence [1]. There wasn’t a consumable added so perhaps we will see something new. Sometimes Marketplace type events get the Special Event label so this could be something that costs reward points. We should find out by the end of the week. All the items are shown below.


Easter Themed Marketplace Promotion Coming Soon

Easter is this Sunday and one thing we can always count on is there will be a Marketplace Promotion to celebrate any type of holiday. The loot items associated with the promotion are shown below. Cute or sexy, when it comes to bunnies, Zynga has something for everyone!


Secret District 35 Coming Soon: The Model Crime

Server images and loot items for the 35th Secret District have been added. This one is called The Model Crime and will be based in London. It looks like crappy ratios, poor loot drop rates and excessive Bandits are here to stay and Secret Districts no longer have the appeal they used to. Hopefully this one will surprise us. The images and loot items associated with this district are shown below.