Jan 10, 2016

Favor Tokens Added to the Daily Fix

UPDATE: The Favor Tokens are due to the special ability of the Japan Urban Assault mastery item and will last for 10 days if and when you finish it.

Favor Tokens which are required for Japan Syndicate Jobs were added to the Daily Fix. They haven't been added to the list of items you get from this feature but I'm sure it is on the Zynga to do list!

Jan 9, 2016

Lucky Break Removed

UPDATE: It's back but the timer is ticking like it never left. We can always hope that the first item will be offered a second day but there chance of disappointment is very high.

Another Lucky Break was released today but now it has mysteriously vanished. That's one way to fix the Facebook security checks that have been associated with this event for the months. I could never understand why they would release this event when they know what it does [1]. Why put your players Facebook accounts at risk so they can spam the news feeds for a game that couldn't possibly attract new players? Maybe after all these months someone at Zynga woke up to the obvious light bulb that was just waiting to go off? At this time we don't know if it will return or if it's gone for good. I'm hoping for the later.

Jan 5, 2016

Extortion Run 6 Coming Soon

It looks like there won't be a begging break once the current Limited Time Property ends. The 6th Extortion run is on the way.

Loading Issues for All Facebook Games

UPDATE: It's fixed. Go here for details.

UPDATE: If you need to load in a framed state, disabling the Spockholm toolbar works. Team Spockholm has been notified.

Mafia Wars players are used to the white screen load but this time it's affecting all games. Thankfully there is a work around as loading the game unframed will work. Since this is affecting all Facebook games, I imagine it will probably be fixed sooner than later. The Facebook known issue page can be found here.

Jan 4, 2016

Same Old Mission Bug

UPDATE: It seems you need to be in Japan when you enter the Arena. Once I tried it this way the Rock Hyraxes started dropping (at a very slow rate but it beats zero).

It's bad enough that Zynga slapped a 30 day timer on the Japan City Mission. If you recall, Los Angeles doesn't have a timer. Now many will be forced to try to master districts they aren't ready for and those who did will have to endure the ruby level jobs. I won't even get into the requirements for the Syndicate jobs. What's even more annoying in this game is when you do things the way you are supposed to and the expected outcome never happens. In almost all Missions we have had in the past few years there is always a task to loot something by doing damage in the Arena. 90% of the time the items never show up. After doing 46 Shootout Arenas and dealing 1,052,656 damage I have zero Rock Hyraxes and I'm not even surprised. If Zynga can't fix this reoccurring bug than they could be smart and remove this type of task. After a day or two of white screens, most of us are already behind in this Mission and this isn't helping anyone.

Dec 23, 2015

No Extension for Extortion Run...Whose Pissed?

Today is the last day to collect parts for the latest Extortion Run and it's become quite apparent that I won't finish it. It's not that I didn't ask enough times. Like most people who still play this game automation is necessary. I was a good monkey and asked for parts every 3 hours for the past 15 days. The difference between this time and the other 4 is that the news feeds were broken for several days. Facebook made some updates and requests weren't showing up anywhere and the 'Ask' buttons were broken on many accounts. Zynga was well aware of all these issues and there wasn't even a timer extension. What kind of Christmas present is that? I guess I'll have to use a hundred or of the thousands of reward points I gained from leveling non-stop for the last 15 days!

Dec 21, 2015

Japan Districts 4 & 5 Coming Soon

Just in time for the holidays, images for Districts 4 & 5 of Japan were added to the servers.

Holiday Themed Limited Time Property Coming Soon

Another Limited Time Property is on the way. Other events coming soon are a Challenge Mission and a Arena Rampage. Of course there will be a Marketplace Promotion and a Loot Lottery but I don'think too many care about that. 

Dec 11, 2015

Happy Holidays

It's no secret that I've been extremely bored with Mafia Wars. I'm going to take some time away and see if that helps. I hope everyone reading this has a great holiday season. 

Dec 9, 2015

Special Event Loot Items

Some loot items labeled 'Special Event' were added to the inventory. I'm not 100% what these are for. We are due for another Family Business but the stats don't really fit. Some look like Crafter's Choice but the stats don't match and there isn't a consumable. These could be for actual events or Marketplace gimmicks. Your guesses are as good as mine.

Slaughter Season 21 Coming Soon

The 21st Slaughter Season is coming soon.

Operations Event 26 Coming Soon

The 25th Operations Event is coming soon. The loot items are shown below.

Family Boss Fight 26 Coming Soon

The 26th Family Boss Fight is coming soon. The loot items are shown below.