Daily links, Stranger's Swag items, 2X Property Builds, Arena Happy Hours, Facebook/Mafia Wars outages and other random recurring events will only be posted on our fan page and not repeated on this site.

Nov 23, 2014

1 Free Constricted

The Mafia Wars Team has sent a request out for 1 free Constricted. If you can’t get enough of these it is also the same item as the current Stranger’s Swag  [1]. It was also offered last week so 11 is the most of this item that anyone can have at this time.  To get your Sherpa, go to the App Center and search your requests or use the Request-a-Nator by Team Spockholm.


Mafia Thanksgiving Part 3

The Mafia Wars fan page has posted another teaser regarding Mafia Thanksgiving [1]. At this time there are no server images indicating a collection type event so maybe this will be something new or the Don’s Dinner and the Turkey Protection Boosts will be back .


Nov 22, 2014

Mafia Thanksgiving Part 2

There is another preview to what is assumed to be a Thanksgiving Day event on the Mafia Wars fan page [1]. The last time Zynga associated the term ‘center’ with Thanksgiving we were stuck gathering Centerpieces for 14 miserable days [1]! Details on the 1st preview can be found here.


7 Day Deal Item Update

As mentioned in our post about the current 7 Day Deal there was a image display bug with affecting the Day 3 Deal item [1]. Even though Windswept and Wind Swept are 2 different names, their images shared a common link which was the cause of the error. To ‘fix’ this Zynga renamed the Day 3 Deal item and it’s now called the Blowed-Ride.


Macho Stache 7 Day Deal Promotion

The Macho Stache 7 Day Deal Promotion is now available. Each day a new deal is can be purchased and they get better as you go. Each deal costs 45 reward points and if you purchase all 7 you will spend 315 reward points and end up with  28 loot items and +35 skill points.  A closer look at the 7 loot items can be found in our preview post here. Zynga has another image bug. There is already a Windswept (added in May of 2011) in the inventory so the small image is of that item and not the intended item [1].


Nov 21, 2014

VIP Membership Program Survey

Players who are current VIP subscribers and those who were but cancelled are being asked to take a survey. Those who take the survey will get a loot item on December 3rd. If you missed the popup or want to take the survey, the links to both of them are below. Zynga has done this a few times in the past and it seems the VIP Membership has only gotten worse [1], [2]. Maybe this time they will listen to the feedback. The questions asked are shown below the links to the 2 surveys.

vipsurvey1 vipsurvey2

Urban Assault 3: All Rewards

The Urban Assault Missions are quite extensive but offer a lot of rewards along the way.  If you complete all 50 Missions you will end up with 33 loot items, +23 reward points, +61 skill points and 15 Arena Power Ups. A review of these rewards and how to get them is shown below. For a list of all the Mission tasks, the current Urban Assault Mission walkthrough can be found here.


Mafia Thanksgiving Coming Soon

On top of all the events going on, it doesn’t look like Zynga is finished. This appeared on the Mafia Wars fan page [1].  I don’t know about you but I’m really not too excited to find out what it is. 


Challenge Mission: London (version 2)

For the 2nd time we will be taking over London in a Challenge Mission. The 1st Challenge Mission: London was offered in August [1]. Since this is the 19th Challenge Mission, I’m not going to post anything more than the 2 images below. By now you should know what to do. A look at the loot items can be found in our preview post here.


Lucky Break 4

The 4th Lucky Break is now available and will last for 5 days. If you need more information on how this event works, go here. For a look at the daily loot items go to our preview post here. I don’t have much to say about this event because I think it sucks. Until Zynga can address and fix the news feed issues they really have no business releasing events that require use of the news feeds.


Nov 20, 2014

Urban Assault Name Update: Prying Eyes

The 1st Urban Assault Mission was called Make A Killing and the 2nd one was called Reasonable Doubt. It looked like Zynga got lazy as the 3rd one was also called Reasonable Doubt. It wasn’t laziness or lack of creativity, it was a mistake. The name for the 3rd Urban Assault Mission is now called Prying Eyes and fits more with the theme.


Ski Lodge Coming Soon

Images and loot of the 47th Limited Time Property have been added to the servers and inventory. Craftmania expired today at 12am so it shouldn’t be a surprise that another property is coming to Mafia Wars. This one is called the Ski Lodge and we will probably see it tomorrow or the next day. All the loot items are shown below.


Lucky Break 4 Coming Soon

Loot items for the 4th Lucky Break have been added to the inventory. With all the news feed issues and all the bots competing for requests it’s hard to believe Zynga would keep putting out events like this. If they would lift the limits on the requests than all players would be able to enjoy these events. Capping requests to 5 players is just insane and promotes bot use. As most of us have learned if you can’t beat them, join them! The 5 daily loot items (Gold Level only) are shown below.


Challenge Mission 19 Coming Soon

Loot items for the 19th Challenge Mission have been added to the inventory. This event would be more fun if it didn’t happen so often. Any event that has been copied and pasted over 10 times should be retired! The consumable item is the Chop Chop and the rewards are shown below.


Arena Smashup 3 Coming Soon

Loot items for the 3rd version of the Arena Smashup Event have been added to the inventory. For a review on how this event works, go here. Depending on your luck you will love or hate this event. The loot items are shown below.

as3 (2)