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Sep 19, 2014

The MWD ‘Forgotten’ Mock War

Earlier today Zynga posted a list of 4 upcoming Mock Wars [1]. Missing from this list is the Mafia War Dogs Family 6th Anniversary Dogs vs Cats Mock War. It’s schedule for Friday October 3rd until Sunday October 5th. As you can see from the calendar below it doesn’t interfere with the other Mock Wars so there isn’t a reason that Zynga shouldn’t be able to sponsor it. A family that has lasted 6 years in Mafia Wars is quite a feat and it would mean a lot to them to have a loot item honoring the occasion and their accomplishment. The Godfather, Mike Stack, filled out the form and submitted it to Zynga but has yet to hear back from them. With or without Zynga sponsorship the show will go on and the links below can be used to register. Registration is closes on September 26th to give time for team assignments. Register as a solo player or with a group. Thanks to Linda Myers Ferranti for the information. 


Family Business Brackets Unknown

Every time there is a Family Business Mission we try to gather enough data to post a breakdown of how many members are needed for each task/reward bracket. The numbers never add up and the exercise usually goes to waste.  At this point all we know for sure is that 101 members will yield the highest number of tasks and the maximum rewards. Participants in the GF/GM Group asked Zynga for this information and we finally got an answer. The answer however is a non-answer but it should save many from trying to figure this out in the future. The bottom line is that it can’t be figured out because it’s not defined as there are other variables in addition to size.


Mock War Schedule

Zynga has announced the next 4 Mock Wars on their blog. They even provided links to the war pages so players will know where to participate. This was something they forgot to do for the previous 4. The original post can be found by using the link below. Bookmark it to stay updated with all the Mock Wars. They say in the post that they will update the list once when more Mock Wars are added but Zynga isn’t the best at updating. The calendar here shows all of the scheduled Mock Wars and not just the ones Zynga chose to sponsor. The MWD Family will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary but Zynga hasn’t responded to their request for sponsorship [1]. There aren’t too many families that have been around for 6 years so hopefully Zynga will find it in their hearts to sponsor that Mock War as well.


MVL Mock War Participation Rewards Added

For participants of the The MVL Family Mock War the loot item has been added to your inventory [1].  If you were running a script you probably missed the popup so check your inventory.


Deadly Diamonds Crafter’s Choice Reward Collection

With so much going on, don’t forget to collect your Crafter’s Choice items. For the next 5 days you can collect the items you built and/or upgraded for the Deadly Diamonds Crafter’s Choice Event. It’s not worth it to use reward points to purchase consumables items unless you only need a few. The loot will quickly be obsolete and the skill points can be purchased at a rate of 1 reward point per 1 skill points during 2X Property Builds.


Lucky Break 2

Three months ago we were graced with the Lucky Break card collection event [1]. The event wasn’t bad because there were no limits on the number of Cards you could collect from the feeds. Zynga has changed that so now the event is going to require more strategy. Last time all we had to do was blindly scan the news feeds and there were plenty of cards to go around. Because of the limitations you could find yourself short on Cards. Zynga also threw in the option to purchase cards but you can’t be guaranteed to buy the one you may need because it’s based on luck. The details on how to play this event as well as the changes and rewards are shown below.


Family Business 6 Loot Items

On top of everything else going on in the game Zynga shows no signs of slowing down. The loot items for the 6th Family Business Mission have been added to the inventory which means it could appear at any time. Last time this happened the Mission was released a few hours later [1]. There is still a day and a half left for the Urban Assault Missions so we may get a break. As far as bugs are concerned, it would be too risky for them to have both Missions at the same time but that is no guarantee [1]. At least we got enough advance notice this time [1]. The mastery and milestone loot items are shown below.


Operations Event 18: Vegas Wild Card

The 18th (yes 18!) Operations Event is now available. Zynga loves to throw these in when there are a million other things going on in the game and it makes it that much harder to get help. This one is called Vegas Wild Card and it’s the 3rd Operations Event to feature Las Vegas jobs and characters. The currency this time is all Pesos. Last time we got Rand and Pesos depending on the Operation [1]. Like always there are 10 days to complete 15 Operations (3 easy, 3 Medium and 3 Hard). The helper limit is still 150 and this is enough to max on the loot items. The Operator by Team Spockholm will help you ask for help as well as do and find Operations. The Italian Files Operation Group is a good place to go if you need help getting your Operations finished. The Operations and rewards are shown below. For a detailed walkthrough of this events works, go here.


Fight Loot Generation 39

The 39th generation of fight loot is now dropping in fights, robs and Arenas. I don’t know why Zynga even bothers with this type of loot refresh. Arena loot and all the other loot with higher stats makes the point of it moot. The 4 items are shown below.


3 Free Gold Level Firelords

The Mafia Wars Application has sent out a request for 1 free Voice Actor.  To get yours, go to the App Center and search through your requests or use the Request-a-Nator by Team Spockholm. The Firelord was the mastery item for the Lords of Lesotho Event [1]. If you mastered that event on the gold level 3 times you will now have 4 items in your inventory. The request for this item states that it’s a Stray Rat which is an item from Junkyard Crates and has stats of 269/224. I’m not sure if anyone got this item but the mistake is to our benefit as the Firelords with stats of 316/241 are much better!


Limited Time Mystery Bag Loot Refresh

Yesterday limited time loot items started dropping from Mystery Bags again [1]. Normally this loot will drop for 3 days then disappear. Today the items changed from Bad Blends/Blackspoted Goatfishes to Camera Captures/Hand Models. The rules have stayed the same and you can get a combination of 6 items from Blue or Red Mystery Bags.


Sep 18, 2014

Mystery Bag Special Loot Items Return

UPDATE: Special loot is still dropping from Mystery Bags but the items have changed. Go here for more details.

For the 3rd time, Blue and Red Mystery Bags will offer 2 special loot items for most likely a limited time  [1], [2]. Zynga hasn’t announced it yet but when you open Blue or Red Mystery Bags you will find Bad Blends and Blackspot Goldfishes. Get up to 6 items per day. Thanks to Rick Bratt for posting on our fan page.


Smashup-Rank by Spockholm Mafia Tools

Thanks to scripts there is rarely a need to go to the Arena and getting there is a pain in the ass [1]. Unfortunately the leaderboard for the Arena Smashup is only displayed in the Arena and depending on your level of obsessiveness you may be visiting often. Thankfully Team Spockholm created a nifty tool which is actually better than what is in the Arena and most importantly it’s not necessary to travel to the Arena. Use the link below to add the Smashup-Rank Spocklet to your Spockholm Mafia Toolbar. When you want to view your rank and/or progress launch it from your toolbar. A nice chart will appear that requires no scrolling and lists changes in both your score and that of your opponents since the previous launch. For questions and feedback on this tool, go here.


How To Collect Arena Smashup Rewards

To get your rewards for the Arena Smashup Event you must enter the Arena. The banner you see on the home page contains your rank and data for the current day only. This is confusing and upsetting players because they come on line and assume the information on the home page pertains to the previous day. Zynga doesn’t help matters because the token balance displayed on the home and redemption pages remains at 0 until you enter the Arena and collect any tokens you may have earned. Click the link below and a popup will appear. Once you do this any Arena Tokens earned from the previous day will be displayed on the home page and you can redeem them. You can redeem your Arena Tokens at anytime during the event so it may be best to wait until the last day.


Sep 17, 2014

Family Ice Event 13 Results

The 13th Family Ice Event has expired and the winners are shown below. If you like sports this is the closest thing we have had in Mafia Wars! Two rival families, Sadist Mafia and Vgttt battled it out in a very close race. At one point there were only about 200 ices separating the 2. In the last hours Sadist Mafia pulled ahead of Vgttt who held the lead going into the final day. The Vgttt Family were the champions of the last Family Ice Event and you can see by the numbers that this was an intense battle. The last one was 8 days compared to the 5 days of this one and the number of ices earned by these 2 families were about the same. Zynga probably loved this and got what they have been looking for since the 1st event of this type when everyone was trying to beat the Formosa Fun Family [1]. I know when I make these posts many are inclined to make some type of comment about cheating. Scripts are part of the game despite what Zynga states publically and it’s a great accomplishment for both these families to do what they did. It’s not easy and they do deserve the recognition. Congratulations to them and all the winners who remain unknown due to Zynga cutting off the leaderboard 6 places short.