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Nov 27, 2014

Black Friday Rush

The Black Friday Rush is a regular Marketplace Promotion with a confusing twist. Leave it to Zynga to complicate spending money! If you buy a lot and buy it fast you can get additional discounts on loot and skill points. I have a little news flash for Zynga and any player who is thinking they are going to get a good deal. Loot is a waste of money as it becomes outdated too quickly and 2X Property Builds offer the best deal on skill points. My Black Friday Rush will stay in the 1 Zone and there won’t be any ticks on my progress meter. I’m not going to waste anymore of Thanksgiving explaining how this gimmick works but if your interested there is a FAQ here. If the game was simple like it used to be than maybe players would spend money the old fashioned and simple way.


Nov 26, 2014

Family Ice Event 15 Results

The 15th Family Ice Event has expired and 4 of the winning families are shown below. Zynga gives rewards to the top 10 families but those in 5th through 10th place are in the dark due to lack of a leaderboard. If Zynga cared they would have resolved this issue years ago. VGTTT and Sadist Mafia amassed a record breaking number of ices. It’s amazing what both these families can do and the competition between them drove the numbers higher than we ever thought possible. Congratulations to the VGTTT Family and to all the winners.


Holiday Hustle 4: Thanksgiving 2014

The 1st Thanksgiving Day event is the Holiday Hustle. This is the 4th version of this event so there shouldn’t be a learning curve to deal with. If you need for guidance, go here. During the last Holiday Hustle Zynga made 2 of the loot items giftable so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to fire up your minis and do this event [1]. Images and the 5 loot rewards items are shown.


Arena Smashup 3

The 3rd Arena Smashup event is now available. I really hate this event. Last time I was group with a bunch of Arena beasts and didn’t get many rewards. Since you have zero control or influence over what the others on your leaderboard are doing it all comes down to luck. If you can live without the loot rewards, it won’t be hard to ignore. The Arena will be a little different for the next 7 days because everyone has double the health. It will be easier to use all your stamina but it may be harder to place in the top and your experience returns may be decreased. The number of ices you get don’t matter this one is all about damage dealt. Kamikazes won't really help with this event but Meta Flares and anything that can raise the number of hits you make will.  For a review of strategy and how this feature works, go here. If you don’t want to travel to the Arena to check the your leaderboard, use the Smashup-Rank Spocklet.


Nov 25, 2014

Implicit Death Mock War Item Granted

The participation item for the Implicit Death Family Mock War has been granted. If you didn’t get the popup, check your inventory for the Reaping Soul.  Thanks to Roy Beams for the screen shot.


Cyber Monday Buyout Coming Soon

In addition to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketplace sales there will also be a Cyber Monday Buyout Event. If you forgot how these work, go here. The reward is a Albino Gorilla with impressive stats of 522/522. There are 5 tiers of this item.


Thanksgiving Event Loot Items

It looks like there are going to be more than one event for Thanksgiving. All items that were added to the inventory and labeled Special Event are shown below. I think the 1st 7 items, 4 of which were featured on the Mafia Wars fan page are for a Holiday Hustle Event and the last 9 items are probably for another Thanksgiving Event.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketplace Sales Coming Soon

Loot items for what must be Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketplace promotions have been added to the inventory. I doubt anyone cares about the loot but some may care about the 60% discount which have gone with these sales in the past. For each promotion there are themed items, mastery items and a VIP mastery item. Normally Marketplace Promotions have 4 themed items but for reasons unknown the shopping sales have 5 (or it’s possible the last 2 items shown are for something else Marketplace related). All of these are show below.

Black Friday

Mastery (ruby level only)

Chainmail Crates & Crate Carnival Coming Soon

The next Crates are going to be Chainmail themed. Zynga probably doesn't realize this is the 100th Edition of Crates offered in Mafia Wars and they could have themed them after that. An item for the 19th Crate Carnival has also been added to the inventory. All items are shown below.

Generation 23 Arena Loot

The 23rd generation of Arena loot is now dropping in Shootout and Mob Fury Arenas. The high stats range from 248-250 and won’t be useful to all players. The latest round of VIP loot has high stats of 249-251 so basically the current VIP loot is worth a range of +1  [1]. A closer look at all 8 items is shown below.


More Lucky Streak Free Spins

Zynga is feeling generous and has graced us with a free spin for Lucky Streak 13. After today there are 2 days left so hopefully we will get 2 more free spins.


Mexico District 11 Coming Soon

The Mafia Wars fan page posted that District 11 of Mexico is coming soon [1]. If you recall, Zynga released District 9 of South Africa during Thanksgiving time as well [1]. There are too many events going on and coming soon that it takes away from the anticipation of a new district. What's odd about this is none of the links that returned images from the servers for Districts 1-10 worked. The 1st image below is from the Mafia Wars fan page and the 2nd one is a news feed spam item. There are no job or boss images. This could mean that Zynga changed them or that there aren't any because something is different.
Prepare yourselves for the MEXICO NEW DISTRICT on Mafia Wars!
This new district will be open to all players!

Mafia Thanksgiving Part 4

The 4th installment of Thanksgiving Day teasers was posted on the Mafia Wars fan page [1]. Zynga seems to think loot and events excites us!
Take it from the top!
Stay tuned for Mafia Wars Thanksgiving!

Nov 24, 2014

‘Exclusive’ VIP Thanksgiving Offer

The VIP weekly items came with something different but confusing and irrelevant. A small label appeared on the weekly delivery popup that says ‘An Exclusive Thanksgiving Offer For You!’. I clicked on it and nothing happened. This label also appeared on the Platinum Edge with some fine print stating that purchasing the deal would unlock another deal ‘for this week only’. I hated to purchase attack points but I was curious enough to do so. Once I did that a 2nd Platinum Edge appeared offering Defense points! If Zynga would give us a reason to make our attack and defense skills higher than maybe this could be a deal. Nothing in the game favors the fighters anymore and could explain why players continue to quit. If you don’t have high energy and stamina than everything is much harder to complete. I'm a little bit upset that I wasted 75 reward points on attack points only to find a bogus deal for 75 defense points. I would like a refund!


VIP Bounty 13

The 13th VIP Bounty is now available. These events are only available to VIP subscribers. They last for 2 days and you need to earn 800 Mementos from ices to achieve Ruby mastery. The rewards for doing so are a Emerald Level Bear Foot and +17 skill points. The event disappears from the home page once you master it so if you are/were running a script it’s possible for it to come and go before you notice it was even there. For more information on how the VIP Bounty works, go here.