Apr 23, 2014

The Final Hustle: Lessons Learned

Today is the final hustle for the Holiday Hustle Event. Players who collected each of the 7 days will get double the loot they already earned and some ‘special’ streak rewards. If you didn’t know what the streak rewards were going to be, like none of us knew during the first Holiday Hustle, anticipation rapidly changes to disappointment when you see 1 Energy and 1 Power Pack!  Zynga did learn a lesson because last time these items were labeled as 'Energy Refill' and a 'Stamina Refill' but they were actually packs [1]. The Player Support site was jammed with confused players reporting they didn’t get any refills as stated. The funny thing about these awesome streak rewards is that if your Energy or Power Pack queues are full then you won't act get them as there is nowhere for them to go.


Apr 22, 2014

The Mafia Wars Blog: Domain Issues or Intentionally Removed?

UPDATE: It's back up, loading very slowly and has background color issues.

I usually check the official Mafia Wars Blog daily to see if Zynga posted anything useful. I go there from the settings dropdown menu and today it said that the domain was unknown. I then used the link, http://blog.mafiawars.com/ and it didn’t work either. Checking out the downforeveryoneorjustme site, it says that it’s not just me [1]. At this time, I don’t know if it’s technical issues or if Zynga is intentionally pulling their blog. I do know that managing a blog is a pain in the ass so maybe they don't want the hassles.


Mexico Carnival Themed Crates

The next batch of crate items to include a Crate Carnival item have been added to the inventory. This one has a Mexico Carnival theme to it and Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner.


High Rollers’ Pack Update Coming Soon

For those who care, new loot specific to the High Rollers’ Pack have been added to the inventory.


Bonus District Achievement Added: Groot Finale!

There is a new achievement for the Bonus District in South Africa. If you already completed all 20 jobs in the district, go to your profile page to get it. Unlike the previous 4 achievements for this district [1], the Groot Finale! only comes with 1 skill point but you get a loot item as a consolation prize. This is truly an after the fact type of achievement. It’s odd that bronze, silver, gold and ruby achievements were granted for jobs 1-6 but only 1 achievement is offered for jobs 7-20. We wondered if there would be more achievements coming as incentive to do the Bonus District and now we know the answer [1]. Thanks to Sammy Aus Cux for the screen shot, players who haven't mastered Joburg will have the banner shown below on their home page.

Apr 21, 2014

The Daily Shuffle: ‘Technical Difficulties’

Yesterday the Daily Shuffle feature was pulled from the game and Zynga told us that ‘technical difficulties’ were the reason [1]. For those who never got the feature, today was supposed to be the day that the rollout was at 100% but now it’s 0% [1]. Over the weekend I received many inbox messages about glitches with the feature and there in fact were many things wrong with it (both good and bad for the players). Throughout the history of the game glitches have come and gone and it’s always, understandably, the same thing. Players who didn’t use the glitch get angry and demand rollbacks, players who did use it live in fear of rollbacks and in a month or two it doesn’t really matter. We have seen Zynga rollback or suspend accounts after exploits are revealed and we have seen them do nothing [1],[2],[3]. When it comes to this blog, glitches are a no win situation. If I post about them, players who were using the glitch get very ugly with me when they are fixed and claim it’s all my fault. When I don’t post about them, players who didn’t know about them get even uglier and claim I’m the worst person in the world and should be shot. All I can say is that when someone reports something to me in confidence I respect their wishes. When something is widely known and found on pages and in the news feeds, I usually provide further details. If you want to play the cat and mouse game with the developers then the best thing you can do is join a group, page or family that shares glitch related information. Always remember that when you use an exploit it’s at your own risk and there could be consequences. Wishing death on players or questioning their morals over using a glitch in a point and click game on Facebook seems a bit extreme.


VIP Weekly Update: 04/21/2014

This weeks VIP loot items are 1 Flight Crasher (all tiers) and 1 Knuc-Ankle (Ruby+). In addition to the loot, VIP subscribers also get +6 skill points and 50 reward points.


Final Day Notice: Stat Card Stakes

Today is the last day of the 2nd version of Stat Card Stakes and the last chance to earn free Collectable Stat Cards from the 30th set called Golden Age. The cards will still be available for purchase but plan on spending about 1,600 reward points to get the complete set. Even if you got 30 free cards it won’t affect the cost because of the low probability of certain cards in the set. All and all the free cards are a nice addition to the feature because you get free skill points without needing to jump through a lot of hoops.


Apr 20, 2014

Swazi Smackdown Combos Part 2

For the Swazi Smackdown Boss Fight Event, we gave some insight on how to find your combos using the Boss Fighter II by Team Spockholm [1]. It was stated that the combo list was generated from the last event and now some players are finding that their combos aren’t included on this list or that their yellow combo is the same as the red combos from the Lords Of Lesotho. This poses a problem for players in either of these situations. If your yellow combo is found, you will need to scroll up to the top, click the pause button and then restart it. The Boss Fighter will continue to check the 36 combos on the list and hopefully one of them is your red combo. If a combo overlaps with another combo and happens to be your yellow combo, it will stop again so you will need to pause and restart. For those who have a red combo not on the list then you will need to look for additional codes to try. Most likely due to lack of interest, not many players have posted their combos and nobody that I know of has worked out the possibilities for this event. In this case, you will just need to try different combinations. Things to remember is that this is a community portion of the script and not something Team Spockholm codes for. The more we participate by sharing our combos, the better the outcome will be. To make your own sequences, use the item ID numbers of the ammo and add them to the combo breaker. The item ID#’s for the 4 ammo items are shown below. If I wanted to add a new code in the combo breaker, I would make them according to the numbers. Assuming the code I want to try is Bottled Heat, Hawkhack, Wrench Quake and Mega Slayer, I would copy and  paste the following into the combo breaker, [26887,26888,26889,26890]. If you want to try more than one combination then you need to add the number in quotes followed by a colon and a space and separate the codes by a comma like this “1”: [26887,26888,26889,26890], “2”: [26887,26888,26890,26889]. There are 256 possibilities for each boss so it can get tricky. For the last event there were 36 red combos and if players want to generate a master list for this event then please share your red combos in the comments. It’s this reason alone why many prefer to just use stamina to take out these bosses. For a better way to do all this and further explaination, go to this Spockholm Forum post. Thanks to Mallory Knox and Edward Larson for posting updates on our fan page and to Greg Schwark for providing the information.


Stranger’s Swag Item: Epaulet Hunter 3rd Offering

The new Stranger’s Swag item today is the Epaulet Hunter. This is the 3rd time this item has been offered and if you were lucky enough to be online all 3 times then you should have 15 of them. This item was released around 4:30PM PDT and if it gets replaced or pulled you can still grab 2 from the news feeds.


Daily Shuffle Pulled

The Daily Shuffle feature was released 5 days ago and has been on a very slow roll ever since[1],[2]. Today it was pulled and will be gone until further notice by Zynga. Technical difficulties was the reason cited. The original post can be found here.


Daily Shuffle Reward List

The Daily Shuffle contains many rewards and below is a list of what is currently available. The list comes from the many screen shots players have sent to me. There could be other items but out of several days worth from many accounts the items below appear to be what’s there for now. Please comment if you get something not shown here. I’ll try to keep this updated with any new additions. Thanks to everyone who helped compile the list.


Stranger’s Swag Item: Malaysian Cat Gecko 2nd Offering

For the 2nd time, the Stranger is offering up to 5 Malaysian Cat Geckos. Get 3 by spamming and 2 by clicking on spam. If you miss out, use the Stream Scanner to get 2. This item was released at 12AM PDT and we don’t know how long it will be available.


Apr 19, 2014

6 Free Roadsters?

For players who are grabbing their daily notification gifts from Mafia Wars, there was a surprise today. The gift was supposed to be 6 Ruthless Boosts but it was actually 6 Roadsters. Getting 6 ‘Ultimate’ vehicles sounds like a much better deal than 6 crappy fighting boosts but it’s not as the Roadster is a New York mastery item with 0 stats and only a special ability making anymore than 1 useless. The laugh was worth more than the Ruthless Boosts so all is good. If you want to get these daily gifts, look for them around 10:30 Zynga time in your Facebook notifications. If you don’t see them, follow the instructions here. Thanks to Dave McLaren for posting on our fan page.

roadster1 roadster2

Daily Shuffle: Slow Rollout

A few days ago we noticed that some players reported that they don’t have the Daily Shuffle feature [1]. We asked representatives from the Mafia Wars Team and were told that the feature is on The feature is on a slow rollout and it should be at 100% in a few days. If you happen to be on the ass end of this rollout, all you can do is wait. It will help to visualize that most who have the feature are only getting a few boosts a day. In a week from now you will probably forget you were even slow rolled in the first place. The term slow roll is probably best know in Poker. It’s when a player (usually a doucebaggy type) knows he has won a hand but makes everyone wait for his big reveal. It’s not fun to be on the receiving end of a slow roll, especially when you think you won the hand or the slow roller follows it up with a dramatic celebratory production. We also asked if the Daily Shuffle will be a permanent feature and at this time it’s undecided. If you like it then it’s important to provide feedback. Other than having another thing to remember to do everyday, I don’t mind this feature as it’s easy to use and only takes a second or two of my time.