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Oct 24, 2014

1 Free Jumbo Trouper

The Mafia Wars Application has sent out a request for 1 free Jumbo Trouper with stats of 223/276. To get yours, go to the App Center and search your requests or use the Request-a-Nator by Team Spockholm. The Jumbo Trouper was a an item found in the Big Top Crates back in January. Thanks to Tr Han and Julie Kastelic for posting on our fan page.


Family Ice Event 14 Results

The 14th Family Ice Event has expired and the winners are shown below. There were a few firsts in this event. The VGTTT Family reclaimed 1st place from the Sadist Mafia Family and blew the previous record of 23,992,039 ices out of the water [1]. The ABYLTU Family has made their first appearance on the leaderboard. Sadly this is the first Family Ice Event that the Mafia Wars Gods are not on the leaderboard. Of all the Family Ice Events which started about 3 and a half years ago the Mafia War Gods have been made an appearance on 13 out of 14 leaderboards which is something no other family has done. A list of all 14 leaderboards is shown below. Although the top 10 families get rewards the leaderboard only has 4 spots so nobody knows who the other 6 families are. This is something Zynga hasn’t bothered to fix in over 3 years and is probably the reason this type of event isn’t fun for very many families.


Oct 23, 2014

Operations Event: Blaze In Brazil

The 19th Operations Event is called Brazil Blaze. Nothing is different from the last one. In fact things are so well copied and pasted that the in-game instructions note still has us in Las Vegas. Like always there are 10 days to complete 15 Operations (5 easy, 5 Medium and 5 Hard) and you can help in up to 150 Operations per day.  The currency is Pesos, a script to use is the Operator by Team Spockholm and a good help group is the Italian Files Operation Group. The Operations and rewards are shown below. For a detailed walkthrough of this events works, go here.


Oct 22, 2014

2X Property Build Returns

UPDATE: There will be another 2X Property Build at 5:30PM PDT.

There will be a 45 minute 2X Property Build opportunity tomorrow at 9:30AM PDT. It’s been a while and we were thinking that we might not get one before the Bonus Level of the Laundromat expires [1]. This post will be updated if there is another one later in the day.


Collectable Stat Card Alignment Issue

Not a big deal but the alignment of Collectable Stat Cards is off. For some reason everything shifted over to the right causing the reward card from each series to drop to a second row. The issue affects all 37 sets and may cause those with OCD some stress.  It’s always possible Zynga did this intentionally but it just doesn’t look right.


Big Or Small Save Them All Mock War Loot Item

As announced on the Mafia Wars Blog, the participation item for the Unleashed Big Or Small Save Them All Mock War has been added to the inventory [1]. This one is pretty cool and will go nicely with that pink Spockholm Mafia Toolbar! This is going to be the biggest Mock War to date and it’s main purpose is to raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society. There are 166 clans registered so far and over $2,000  have been raised for the cause. For all the details go here. Thanks to Deb Crechiolo Moore and Linda Myers Ferranti for the information.


High End Marketplace Item

An item called the Sun Smash that is labeled ‘Marketplace’ has been added to the inventory. The stats are too high for it to be a run of the mill Limited Edition item. They are also much higher than the last Fighter’s or High Rollers’ Pack items so it will be interesting to see how Zynga peddles this one.


Challenge Mission 18 Coming Soon

Oh Joy! The 19th Challenge Mission is coming soon. I’m getting a little tired of this event. It requires a daily consumable safari and it’s rather boring. The consumable and rewards are shown below.


Ice Board 19 Coming Soon

Items for the 19th Ice Board have been added to the inventory.  I like the Ice Boards because I can easily ignore them. I don’t have a chance to be in the Top 3 of anything so it’s nice to not care. It’s only a loot item or 2 that you miss out on and only 3 players per mafia/family/league leaderboard get the 1st item and the 3 top global players get the 2nd item and most likely the 1st.  A closer look at all 6 rewards is shown below.


VIP & Marketplace Loot Update

The next batches of VIP weekly loot items, Limited and Collector’s Edition items have been added to the inventory. Look for them in your game soon.


Fight Loot Generation 40

The 40th generation of fight loot is now dropping in fights, robs and Arenas. The Vampiric Bite is kind of Halloweenish and that’s about the most exciting thing to say about this update as once again it’s useless. Zynga must not be too excited either because they haven't added a banner or updated the Fight page rewards window at the time of this post.  The 4 items are shown below.


Oct 21, 2014

Crate Carnival 18: Moon Lit

The 18th Crate Carnival is now available. The ‘Grand Prize’, is a Moon Lit and +30 skill points. You will need to spend around 300-400 reward points to get one. The crate items you must purchase are a mix from Trick Or Treat and Desert Voyage Crates. If you are interested in how this event works, go here for detailed information.


Trick Or Treat Crates

Halloween is 10 days away and to get you in the mood Trick Or Treat Crates are now available in the Marketplace.


Oct 19, 2014

Missing 2X Property Builds

We haven’t had a 2X Property Build since October 4th and the mafiosos are getting restless [1]. I can’t help but wonder if the Bonus Level of the Laundromat has something to do with it. On October 4th the masses were no where near upgrading to Level 16 and not they have it seems the 2X Property Builds have went dry. The Bonus Level will be around for 20 or 25 more days (depending on your VIP status). Either Zynga forgot about 2X Property Builds or they are going to make us wait until the Bonus Level expires. It shouldn’t matter as speeding up the timer for this level costs 14 reward points. If this is intended than Zynga is missing out. I normally purchase reward points when they are 50% off but since I’m sitting on 1,200 of them just waiting for a 2X Property Build why would I need to buy more? If Zynga was smart they would have had one before reward points went on sale.


Daily Fix Loot Update Needed

Ten days ago we pointed out on our fan page that the Daily Fix loot was in serious need of an update [1]. Normally this loot is updated once a month and we have been stuck with the Fox Squirrel since September 2nd [1]. Maybe Zynga didn't read our post so just in case I'm redoing it on the blog. If they are going to release a new item next week it would be great if it was something useful. If Zynga isn’t going to make new loot for this feature anymore I’d rather they replace this guy with the Laser Squirrel since he has a little bit more character!