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Oct 31, 2014

Power Job Update

Yesterday we showed you a popup that some players received for a new feature called Power Job  [1]. Not many players have the option to Power Job but fortunately for us Martin from Team Spockholm does. We can now provide more details. Many thanks to Martin and Brandon for providing the backcode information.


{FOX} Mock War Participation Loot Form

If you are participating in the {FOX} Family Mock War this week-end AND you want the loot reward when it’s over you need to fill out the following form. Use the link below to access it. If Zynga is going to add another layer of red tape to the Mock War process than they should also be posting about it. Many who participate will forgot or won’t know to fill this out and won’t get the loot item. This will make some players angry and they may stop participating in these events all together. These Mock Wars are supposed to be fun. Having 2 at the same time and needing to register, split your time and fill out extra forms is making them exhausting.


Unleashed Mock War Item Granted

UPDATE: The following was posted on the Mafia Wars Blog [1].

Unleashed hosted their 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Mock War on Oct 24, 8 PM EST - Oct 26, 8 PM EST.The aim of this mock war was to raise awareness and in memory of all those they have lost or are fighting cancer. Congratulations to the Unleashed family for making this event a huge success and to all the players for their outstanding participation. Here’s what Deb, the Godmother of the Unleashed Family had to say about the event: 
“It was amazing to see the whole MW community come together like never before. Hundreds of people shared their personal stories of their battle or of loved ones lost and they all rallied together and we raised $6,610 for the American Cancer Society. We had 191 different clans and fight clubs attend as a group and many individuals. it was the biggest event in MW history. We had 40 different contests and gave away thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes so generously donated by so many sponsors including lots of game cards, free avatars, gift loot and so much more. We are very grateful to Zynga for sponsoring our event and so much more for the Bosom Buddy you created in memory of our dear friend Kim Bitters. The feedback about what a lovely job you did with its design has been overwhelming." Thank you for organizing this wonderful event!

The participation item for the Unleashed Big Or Small Save Them All Mock War is rolling out to accounts. The event was a huge success and most likely the largest Mock War we have seen to date. The original goal was to raise $1,000 for the cause but $6,610.00 was the final total! The Bosom Buddy has stats of 319/253 and should be in your inventory if you participated in this Mock War.


Oct 30, 2014

Power Job

The following image was posted on our fan page by Doug Kokis. It doesn’t appear that many players have this option so it’s probably on a slow rollout or Zynga is doing of of their experiments. There isn’t much to go on but if you have ruby mastered District 10 of South Africa you will have the option to do 10 jobs in 1 click. This will make things faster but it won’t really help much if you are using your stamina for other things besides jobs. A Power Fight or Power Rob option would be awesome as the Power Attack and Rob Squad options don’t really make things very fast.


Gomorra Family 5 Year Anniversary Mock War

UPDATE: There is now a registration link. If you didn't already do so, use the link below to register.

The Gomorra Family is celebrating their 5th birthday with a short Mock War. It will last 24 hours and start on November 8th. As announced on the Mafia Wars Blog, the participation loot item is called To The Bone and has stats of 323/256 [1]. Since this is a Free For All there doesn’t seem to be any registration forms to fill out. Just use the link below to join the event.


VIP Loyalty Reward

If your VIP subscription is active on November 18th than you will get loot reward called Kanga-Boots and +30 skill points. This does not count the free trial.


Lucky Streak 13 Coming Soon

Loot items for the 13th Lucky Streak have been added to the inventory and are shown below. 


Killer Instinct 7 Coming Soon

A four tiered mastery loot item called the Lute Player has been added to the inventory. The location is the Arena so this means that the 7th version of the Killer Instinct event or the 2nd version of the Family Kill-Fest is coming soon. Most likely this is for a Killer Instinct event as the timing and stats fit. the fact that Zynga hasn’t had a Family Crest event since June causes suspicion that they may have stopped them all together.


Halloween Horror Collection Event

It might seem like a good thing to have a Halloween Event and a new collection but if you remember anything about the Easter Eggselence, Stars & Strips and Thanksgiving Feast Collection event you may not be so excited. These events are a pain in the ass, especially so for players with a large stamina pools. For the next 10 days we will be on a Dark Lantern safari and the drop rates are based on your total energy and stamina pools. Many players will report that the consumables won’t drop from robbing and those with high stamina pools will need to rob for many hours a day to get them all. The more stamina you have the less frequently Dark Lanterns will drop. The timer adds to the confusion of this event because it’s 12 days but the last 2 are for redeeming purposes only. The begging aspect also causes issues because of the way the timer works and it doesn’t help that there will be a time change during the event. The details for the Halloween Horror event and the Heebie-Jeebies Collection are shown below.


Oct 29, 2014

Halloween Mock War Loot Items

Zynga double booked the Fox Family and MIG Family Mock Wars for this weekend so 2 new loot items have been revealed on the Mafia Wars Blog [1], [2].  It’s not surprising that Zynga has made keeping up with all things Mock Wars a full time job! Hopefully players will split their time and participate in both celebrations. If they can pull it off 2 cool loot items will be earned just for participating.

Get prepared to celebrate Halloween Trick or Treat party! One of our dedicated Mafia Wars Families, {FOX} will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary in a Halloween themed mock war on Oct 31- Nov 3, 6 PM EST, 2014. Thank you for being our loyal players!
To celebrate this occasion, Zynga and Mafia Wars is giving away a special Limited Edition item, Foxy Coat (322 Attack / 255 Defense ) to all the participants and 10 RPs each to the top ten players who compete in this mock war.

Fox Clan

Murder Incorporated Gangsters also known as [MIG] will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary on Oct  31-Nov 2, 2014.Thank you for being our loyal players!
To celebrate this occasion, Zynga and Mafia Wars is giving away a special Limited Edition item, [MIG] Rig (322 Attack / 255 Defense ) to all the participants and 10 RPs each to the top ten players who compete in this mock war.


Challenge Mission: Brazil (version 2)

Challenge Mission: Brazil (version 2) is the 18th Challenge Mission. We played it June when it was called Challenge Mission: Brazil [1]! This is also the 3rd Challenge Mission that has used the same name of a previous Challenge Mission which is also an active destination in the game. This type of event wouldn’t be that bad if they didn’t have one every single month like clockwork and they added a little variety to liven things up. The constant repeating of everything is really making the game more stale than it needs to be. If you need more details on how this event works, go here. The specifics for Chapter 1 are shown below in my very own, hopefully enjoyable and copied/pasted many times over blog post. I can't really make this blog more exciting unless Zynga makes the game more exciting. As many of us struggle with our decision to quit it's stuff like this that doesn't help the cause.


Oct 28, 2014

Boss File #5: Sergio Chapa

It’s been about 2 weeks since the last Boss Files update was posted on the Mafia Wars fan page [1]. A 5th one was posted and I’m starting to suspect that this isn’t for an event or a feature and may just be a promotion to motivate players to fight these game interrupting bosses [1]. The 5th Boss featured in the files is Sergio Chapa from District 5 of Mexico.


Stranger’s Swag Generation 36 & 37

Items for the 36th and 37th generations of Stranger’s Swag have been added to the inventory. Based on the background of the feed images the first 4 items will be called Exclusive Swag and the last 4 Stranger’s Swag. We just call it all Stranger's Swag because there really isn't anything exclusive about something that everyone can get.


Job Board 10 Coming Soon

It looks like the Job Board may be returning to the game. We haven’t had one in about 7 months. The tracker item is a Gooty Spider and this could be an attempt at making Halloween more special. It’s rare that a tracker item would be useful but loot refreshes are just around the corner. The leaderboard rewards are shown below. 


VIP Flash Deal Items

Four new VIP Flash Deal items were added to the inventory. These items are offered as an incentive for VIP subscribers to purchase 50 Skill Point Reallocations. If the Skill Point Reallocation was such a great deal than Zynga wouldn’t need to do this to get players to purchase them.