Dec 22, 2014

Los Exiliados Mock War

The Los Exiliados de Mafia Wars Family will be having a Mock War on January 5th. The theme will be The Walking Dead Humans vs Zombies. The participation item is shown below. The deadline to register is December 29th.


All Knockout Mock War Prize Grant

As announced on the Mafia Wars Blog [1], Those who participated in the All Knockout Mock War should now have the participation in their inventory. If you missed the popup, check your inventory for the AK Brawler.


VIP Weekly Stuff: 12/22/2014


Merry Maze Marketplace Promotion

The Christmas Marketplace Promotion is called Merry Maze and contains the new complicated frenzy gimmick we saw with the Thanksgiving promotions. If you’re interested in figuring it out, go to the Zynga FAQ for the last promotion of this type.  The loot items featured in this promotion can be found here.


Daily Free Stuff: 12/22/2014

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Dec 21, 2014

1 Free Sherpa

The Mafia Wars Team has sent a request out for 1 free Sherpa. The Sherpa was a Stranger’s Swag item and 1 was also given out in this manner in November. To get yours, go to the App Center and search your requests or use the Request-a-Nator by Team Spockholm. Thanks to Steven Eager & Ed Fletcher for posting on our fan page.


The Daily Links Explained

The links to various freebies given by Zynga are put together daily by Mike Nestor and everyday he posts them on the fan page. A while back I decided to stop posting them on the blog. At the time I had lost some interest in the game and this site and didn’t think much of the decisions. About the same time I noticed a huge decline in traffic but assumed it was because players were quitting. I was also getting tired of spending time making blog posts and seeing many questions being asked that were answered on the blog. I have been struggling with the decision to stop making blog posts because there weren’t many players it was helping. By chance Mike Was out on the town and didn’t make his daily link post so I decided to link the one I had made on my blog. I was busy with the Urban Assault walkthrough and didn’t feel like re-copying all those links. To my surprise, the traffic on the blog was insane compared to what it normally is. I didn’t do it the next day and as an experiment they were linked again the next day. The results are shown below. This has certainly changed my outlook on things and I hope players don’t mind the change.


For the 10 or 20 complaints we have received, thankfully there are about 10,000 of you that are visiting.
Initially I added image below the links to make the post look better but there were many players who clicked the images instead of the links.

**Image only, do not click on the links**
I changed the format to make it easier but there still seems to be some confusion. All you need to do is click each link and you will get the bonus. The bonuses aren’t active until Zynga makes them active. Normally the skill point and Mexico item are good at 12am. The Quick Trigger link is normally active around 8am. Mike Nestor makes the Email Bonus link but there are only about 50 or so left. You can use old ones if you didn’t click on them and the spreadsheet is available for that purpose. The Toolbar Bonus link doesn’t work for all players. If it stops working for you, try to 2 link method. Click each link 1, wait for it to load and then click link 2.

**Image only, do not click on the links**
If visiting the blog is such an inconvenience, these links can be found all over the place. They are posted everyday on the Mafia Wars fan page, Mafia Wars blog and various groups on Facebook. For those who do take the time to visit and share the post, I thank you and hope you know you are helping. Keeping this site going is something I would like to do until the end of Mafia Wars. If nobody is visiting it doesn’t seem worth the time, reward points, hosting fees or effort.

Savanna Collection Available Again

For reasons unknown the Savanna Collection is available for the 2nd time. This collection event was released in December of last year and has been on the Special Collections Page ever since. Until today there was no way to vault this collection because the items only dropped during the event. Now that they are dropping players can vault it again. There isn’t a banner anywhere but the collections items appear on the South Africa Map. Since nobody visits the map, we only found out about it thanks to everyone who posted on our fan page. The event is identical to the last and the stats of the loot item remain the same. If you got all 7 last time, you could potentially get 7 more. If the re-release of this event is a mistake it probably won’t be here for very long. For more detailed information about this event, go here. Team Spockholm is aware that the collection is available and are working on updating the Savann-o-Nator. UPDATE: The Savann-o-Nator now works and collection items are still dropping for the 2nd day.


Daily Free Stuff: 12/21/2014

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Dec 20, 2014

Stranger’s Swag Item: Freezing Feet

For the 2nd time.


2X Property Build: 12/20/2014

There will be another 2X Property Build opportunity today at 9:30 AM PST. We just had one of these yesterday so maybe Zynga is getting the hint that this is how many like to spend their reward points.


Crafter’s Choice Digital Danger Collection

For the next 5 days you can collect the items you built and/or upgraded for the Digital Danger Crafter’s Choice Event. Consumables are only available for purchase during this time.


Lucky Break 5

The 4th Lucky Break is now available. I hate this event so I’m not going to say much about it. If you aren’t using a bot that will scan the news feeds, you are screwed. Zynga added a tracker which is a great ides. It tells you how many of each type of feed post you have and it also lists how many of each item you have vaulted. In the past it was hard to tell where you were because of all the different type of feeds and the fact that most feeds you click on are not active. If you want more details of how this event works, go here.  The daily loot rewards can be found here. The last image should be on the banner as it captures what this event is all about!


Daily Free Stuff: 12/20/2014

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Health Point
Email Bonus
Mexico Item
Quick Trigger Bonus
Toolbar Bonus
2 Link Toolbar Method: Link 1|Link2
Email Bonus Spreadsheet


Dec 19, 2014